At Wildgrass Studio we offer a range of photographic workshops for both the beginner and the more experienced from our base at Bridge of Balgie in the beautiful Glen Lyon in Highland Perthshire, or on location around the Scottish Highlands.
Tuition takes one of 2 formats :
1. Small group workshops to cover specific areas of photography from camera skills, landscape and fine art and post production. We are currently planning sessions for the summer and autumn of 2019.
2. Personalised sessions arranged on demand to suite individual needs. This can be in any subject that I can offer benefit to you as a photographic artist. Please contact me to arrange a personal session.
Whilst all the technical stuff is important to understand my tuition is biased towards being creative with your equipment and developing your own style of photography working in digital, mobile and analogue formats.
Future small group workshops - 'Exploring the Landscape of Glen Lyon'
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