biography - a brief history
so who am i ...
just a guy following his passion, inspired by the places he visits and the people he meets.
My background was working in the broadcast tv media industry mainly in London for more years than I can remember and soon after emigrating from the South East of England to the glourious Highlands of Scotland in 2000 I had a life changing phone call
   “How do you fancy going out to Canada to take photos of a guy attempting to trek solo from Canada to the North Pole ?”…“
 "Sure, sounds like fun.. when do we go…”
I went, I got very cold, I captured, I came back with a new direction in life… the rest is history.
Currently living in Perthshire with wife and fellow photographer Gill. and together running Wildgrass Studio offering print sales, portrait commissions and training workshops.
Professional  Qualifications :
Associate member of the Royal Photographic Society (RPS) with a distinction in Fine Art (2009)- view panel (contains artistic nudity) - membership lapsed
Associate member of the British Institute of Professional Photography (BIPP) with a qualification in Fine Art (2009)- view panel (contains artistic nudity) - membership lapsed
so what sort of photographer am I ?
I refer to myself as a fine art photographer which I hope describes my style of work rather than the subject or specific market that I work in.
my passion is to create images as fine art prints that either asks a question, tells a story or at least inspires an emotion or reaction in the viewer. I use digital, mobile, small and large format film and alternative processes,  whatever works, its all about creating an image to share. If viewers of my work can in some way connect with the image or something within themselves then I feel that I have succeeded.
“I think that emotional content is an images most important element regardless of the photographic technique"                                                                       Anne Geddes
..and finally 'that question'...
q: what make of camera do i use ?
a: who cares, it's more about what i do with it.

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